Height of typical mature bull:
117-147 cm at withers
Height of typical mature cow
114-127 cm at withers
Typical carcase weight off grass
230-260 kg dressed weight
with 52% dressing percentage
Weight of typical mature bull
500 kg to 850 kg
Weight of typical mature cow
380 kg to 450 kg
Steers reared on grass
ready for slaughter between 3 to 3.5 yrs
36 -42 months 420-460 kg
Steers, supplementary fed
ready for slaughter between
18 to 22months @ 380 to 400 kg
On average cows calve once a year
potentially 11 months (higher than other indicus breeds)
Average weight gains per day on grass & feedlot
Grass = 0.7 kg - 1.0 kg per day depending on grass quality Feedlot = 1.3 kg per day depending on type of cross used (this was found at a recent trial at Marania Farm - Timau where using Boran cross Angus steers & heifers)
Milk Production from Boran / Friesian F1
1st Lactation
Av = 9.3 kgs per day
   High= 13.8 kg per day
2nd Lactation
Av= 10.4 kg per day
   High = 15.6kg per day
3rd Lactation
Av= 13.4 kg per day
   High = 19.5 kg per day

“The Boran is hardy, acclimatizes easily and with execellent fleshing qualities as proved in the results of carcass contents”
-Robert Tate -Brahman Breeder-San Antonio, Texas

Exports to international countries? Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Australia
Origin / History? Ethiopia over 2000 years old as domestic animal for milk / beef
How pure is the stock? Improved by commercial European ranchers -
early 1900's to date
Typical weight - mature bull? 650 kg to 850 kg
Typical weight - mature cow? 380 kg to 450 kg
What are the steers reared on? Predominantly grass
What age are they ready for slaughter? Between 3 years to 31/2 years
Average yield of carcase? 52 % off grass
With supplementary feed, how soon are they ready for slaughter? 18 to 22 months @ 380 to 400 kg.
Describe the beef? Tender and juicy
Suitability for cross breeding with any dairy of beef breed? DAIRY - Friesian cross
BEEF - all British & Continental breeds
How soon do young cattle develop resistance? From birth
Is this a purely beef producing breed? Principally yes, but also has good milk potential
Does Boran cow yield adequate milk for its calves? Definitely
Mothering abilities? Excellent
Are calves guarded by mother?
Do they herd together?
Yes / Yes
What is potential calving interval? 11 months
Any calving / birth problems? Hardly any
Semen exported to breeders? Yes - Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and East Africa
Feed required, as compared to other breeds? Much less
Convert feed into more protein and butterfat per unit of body weight? Yes
Dairy producers can realize more profits potential while reducing management costs? Definitely yes
Do Boran reach reproductive maturity at an early age? Yes, if conditions are right, can be at 18 months
Are Boran registered at birth?
By which governing body?
Book - birth notification soon after birth & registration?
Yes - Kenya Stud Book / before 3 years
Thrive under extreme heat? Yes, has many more sweat pores compared to European cattle
Prone to tick attack? Short, strong, shiny hair, which discourages tick attacks
Walks long distances? Yes, oval shaped conformation + slightly sickle hocks, which enable the Boran to walk long distances without effort


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